Thursday, December 20th, 2012 –

Today’s workshop was all about writing. A big part of our work with our stories will be writing scripts to go along with our interviews. We will have to introduce the story to the audience, help them follow the plot and introduce characters. To get comfortable with writing for radio, we played a game called “Let’s Sell Something”.


First, we brainstormed ideas for an imaginary product. Ideas included All-In-One Clothes (pants, shirt, jacket – you choose!), a Soda Leash and a sleeping bag that unzips at the waist (for wintry trips to the outdoor facilities). After a blind vote, we landed on Text-a-Way, a service that fixes your problems by making them disappear. Just text this service, “my bicycle is broken” and – poof!- no more bicycle.

Once we had our product, we bunkered down to write copy for own voices. One by one, we recorded our advertisements in Studio B at the KRTS Studios.

Listen to the advertisement created by Karina Marquez below.