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KRTS Youth Media Project: Our Second Workshop
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Helping us answer these questions was Rachel Osier Lindley, News Director at KRTS: Marfa Public Radio. Rachel has much experience as an interview – they are a part of her daily life as the host of KRTS’ Talk at Ten program.

To get comfortable with the interview process, we partnered up and interviewed each other about our lives. The students learned a lot from this:

“I held the microphone too far away. When I listened to what we recorded, I couldn’t understand anything!”

“I’m going to have a lot more questions prepared – I ran out of things to ask!”

“I think it’s important to listen to what the person is saying – not to jump right to the next question – maybe ask a another question about what they were saying.”

All good takeaways, which will help us conduct successful interviews for our stories.

At the end of class, we listened to story by Radio Rookie reporter Bree Person called Sickle and Me. Find the story online here.