Today, we had a special guest in the classroom: Tom Michael, the Founder and General Manager of Marfa Public Radio! Tom joined the students of KRTS Youth Media to introduce himself and give some background information on the radio station.

Here in rural west Texas, the radio has seemed like a lifeline in difficult times, including the Rock House Fire of 2011. And in a place so isolated, it's comforting to tune into 93.5 FM during long commutes and desert drives.

TM the GM

Coach Jenkins

Next, it was time for an informal pitch session. Acting as news director, Tom listened to each and every student's pitch and suggested angles to take. Coach Jenkins (pictured above), took some time to explain "Disneyland," the physical obstacle course he invented as a form of punishment for athletes (our student Brizzy is investigating Disneyland for her project).

To conclude class, we took a trip to the computer lab and showed the students how to upload an audio clip from an SD card reader to the computer. We also opened our brand-new, just-installed audio editing software, Reaper, and showed them what a waveform looks like. Next week, we'll give a few demonstrations on basic editing. First, the students will have to get some tape.