KRTS Youth Media Project Season 3: Our Seventh Workshop
Wednesday, 18 February 2015

For today's class, the students got a refresher on interviewing techniques using the Zoom mics. Three interns from Marfa Public Radio -- Ian Lewis, Ryan Lentini, and Anna Rose Macarthur -- acted as interview subjects. After choosing a topic from a long list of themes (below), students came up with three questions related to a particular theme.

Themes included childhood, the place you call home, embarrassing moments, adventures (a significant trip you took), career aspirations, defining moments, your first kiss, superpowers, superstitions, a time when something went wrong, a time when you felt unlike yourself (or when you pretended to be someone else), a time when you got lost, a time when you lied, and a time when you broke the rules.

Anna Rose


Afterward, the KRTS interns gave feedback on interviewing technique. Students said one of the most challenging parts was to listen and think of follow-up questions at the same time, but they also said the whole process grew easier as they practiced with different interviewees.

After some practice with the mics, students discussed their ongoing story pitches, and KRTS mentors provided suggestions and constructive criticism. The students are now exploring the logistics of their pitches (Who are the potential interviewees? What are some preliminary questions to ask? How can I contact these people?).