KRTS Youth Media Project Season 3: Our Fourth Workshop
Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Today, the fourth workshop of the KRTS Youth Media Project was all about brainstorming story ideas. We started out by watching a video from WNYC's Radio Rookies that explained how to go about gathering ideas for a radio story. We also checked out a student-produced video from Student Reporting Labs on the topic of school safety.

In Mr. Jenkins' class, we had a Skype conversation with Thai Da Silva of PBS. Students introduced themselves, and Thai got the ball rolling on potential story ideas and expectations for the workshops ahead.

Alejandra brainstorms some story ideas for her final project.

Students from Mr. Jenkins' class Skype with Thai Da Silva.

In Mr. Hernandez' class, we brainstormed story ideas in small groups, revisiting the five elements of newsworthiness that we had covered in previous classes. We ended the workshop by throwing out a few preliminary ideas.

For homework, students will brainstorm five story ideas and fill out Reporting Labs handouts from Lesson 2.1 that elaborate more on how to approach an idea, thinking about a balance of perspective, potential interviewees, "characters" in the story, central inquiry questions to explore, and background information.