KRTS Youth Media Project Season 3: Our Second Workshop
Thursday, 15 January 2015

For our second class, we began by listening to a real youth-produced piece about Snapchat, its uses, and how this particular technology is perceived by teens as well as adults. We also listened to a story on the anatomy of a pop song, which was produced by former KRTS intern Ryan Kailath for NPR's All Things Considered. Students listened and filled out critique worksheets, thinking about what was compelling in these pieces and what could have been better.

This led to a larger discussion on those "get up and show me" moments that make a radio story come to life, as well as effective use of ambient sound, and how to use outside sources -- like experts in specific fields -- to present a balanced perspective and avoid bias. Story structure and pacing were also part of the conversation.

Students practice interviewing techniques.

Students practice interviewing techniques.

Next, we presented the assignment for the week: a Transom exercise in which students must ask five people the following question: "What are you afraid of?" Naturally, they have to use a recorder and see what kind of responses crop up. We listened to a couple examples of these from the Transom Online Workshop, including "Imaginary Izzy" and "Andrew, New Father."

A big challenge in this assignment, especially for those students who may be on the shy side, is that one of the five interviewees they approach must be a stranger. Students will choose the most interesting interview of the bunch to listen back to during next week's class.