We began our second workshop by listening to two Youth Radio pieces, this one about the contents of cosmetic products by Joi Morgan, and this one about candy-flavored e-cigarettes by Jenny Bolario.

The focus of today’s workshop was interview technique. Marfa Public Radio General Manager Tom Michael came to class to share his expertise in the world of collecting audio. With over 20 years of journalism experience under his belt, Tom had plenty of helpful stories and advice for our student producers. Takeaway points included being prepared and comfortable with your recording equipment, holding the microphone close to your interview subject’s mouth for good audio quality, asking open-ended questions in order to elicit interesting answers, and getting your interview subject up and walking for those good “show me” moments.


After talking with Tom, students practiced interviewing their mentors on the topic of life adventures. They found the biggest challenges to be coming up with questions when conversation trailed off, remembering to keep the microphone close to their mentors’ mouths, and keeping their arms from falling off while staying in the same position for the duration of the interview. All good practice for the future—students will begin collecting audio for their stories over the coming weeks!