Thursday, January 17, 2013 --- We are now officially in crunch-time! The KRTS Youth Media Listening Event is just two weeks away. This week, the students started conducting their final interviews for their pieces, and returned with some fascinating sounds and stories.

Next week, we are going to start (and finish!) turning that sound into a narrative piece. We are thinking about structure, supplementary sound (church bells, school bells, school cafeteria hubbub!) and music choices. Lots to think about, lots of production and creative decisions to be made. How will the final pieces sound? Stay tuned to this page to find out.


Questions we are asking: How should I use non-human sounds to make my piece more sonically interesting? Do I want to structure this piece around themes or around individuals? Am I writing news report, or am I creating a personal essay in sound? How do I get my friend to open up and be serious on mic? How much of myself do I want to be in the piece?