About the Initiative

The KRTS Youth Media Project began as an after-school storytelling intensive for students at Marfa ISD.

During the first two seasons of the project, student producers pitched, wrote and produced their own radio stories. They pursued their own story ideas - from pop culture commentary to testimonials of stereotypes and racism to coverage of drought and aridity in far west Texas. They learned how to do thoughtful, in-depth interviews, tackle the hard issues and turn it all into sound-rich, compelling radio stories.

In 2014, KRTS Youth Media partnered with PBS NewsHour's Student Reporting Labs. Now, mentors draw from PBS curriculum to plan classes and guide final projects.

In 2015, for the third season of KRTS Youth Media, we evolved from an after-school program to teaching within the broadcasting class at Marfa ISD.

The KRTS Youth Media Project believes in empowering youth to tell the stories that they want to tell.

To kick off the American Graduate Youth Media Project at Marfa Public Radio, KRTS participated in American Graduate Day, a nationwide, multi-platform media event. See below to listen to special programming aired during American Graduate Week.


AMERICAN GRADUATE Specials on KRTS: Marfa Public Radio


PRX: Left Behind, Dropping Out
Every year, more than a million kids drop out of school. Without a diploma, these kids will have a tough time succeeding. But the problem starts much earlier than high school. This hour, we’ll ask the big question: What works?

Talk At Ten: Ken Eklund of Localore Project Ed Zed Omega
KRTS speaks with radio producer Ken Eklund the producer behind Ed Zed Omega, a massively participatory alternate reality game designed to spark dialogue, question assumptions and reframe the current narratives about the state of education in the U.S. today.
Learn more about Ed Zed Omega here

Interview with MISD Superintendent Andrew Peters
School is back in session, and with a new school year come some changes in Marfa. Our guest on Talk at Ten was Andrew Peters, the new Marfa Independent School District Superintendent. He discusses his role and new plans for the school district.

PRX: Schooled: Teens’ Stories About American Public Education
Adults in the White House, Congress, think tanks, principals’ offices, teachers’ unions, and other Very Important Positions are fighting over how to educate kids. But what do teenagers think about the education we’re getting?

PRX: Put to the Test
There’s been a dramatic change in public education over the past 10 years and it’s all about numbers.

PRX: Testing Teachers
“Testing Teachers” is an award-winning documentary that takes us to some of the nation’s poorest schools to understand why teacher quality is fast becoming the next frontier in the fight to equalize educational opportunity in the United States.

KRTS Special Report: What After High School?
KRTS Interns Travis Bubenik and Megan Stonelake spent a morning talking to students at Marfa High School.